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Do’s and Don’ts of industrial Pest Control

Industrial Pest Control

Industrial pest control on a large scale can prove difficult. The speed at which the pests breed is alarming and an infestation can re-occur even after proper control measures are set. The fact that you have a subscription with a reputable pest control company simply does not cut it.

It is now a requirement that large institutions like hospitals, schools, and factories treat pests monthly. The process begins by identifying the pests and choosing the right products for effective control. Before your pest control service steps in there are several DIY pest control methods you should try to keep the pests away.

Pest Control Methods

Prevention should always come first

Preventing an infection will go a long way in ensuring you save on costs that may arise from a serious infestation.

Here are some tips to curb pest infestation:

  • Get rid of the sources of food, shelter, and water. Starving the pest will drive them away as they go in search of better feeding places.
  • Ensure that your food is properly stored and sealed in plastic or glass containers. The scent of open food will attract insects.
  • Garbage should be sealed and tightly covered. You should ensure that you regularly get rid of the trash from your premises.
  • Water will attract pests; fix all leaky plumbing to prevent water from accumulating. Get rid of accumulated water in abandoned trays and house plants.
  • De-cluttering ensures that pests do not get a hiding place. It also destroys breeding grounds for rodents. Get rid of old magazines, newspaper stacks, and cupboards.
  • Seal open spaces where pets use as entry points and make sure to check your packages for pests before taking them inside your home.
  • Take time to learn about pest control and the proper methods to control and eliminate them.

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If the infestation process is still recurrent then here are considerations you should try to limit your pest infestation.


  • Take time to do your research and know the type of infestation that has occurred and the proper ways to deal with the problem. This will ensure you do not make mistakes that may end up being costly.
  • If you can find the source or location where the pests have set up their nests then destroy the nets promptly. You can then apply the required pesticides. This is best done by the professionals are they can correctly identify the source of the pests.
  • Before handling any chemicals ensure that you correctly read the label before administering the chemicals. Be careful as chemicals can be harmful to your health. In cases where you are not sure of the proper way to handle the chemicals always consult the professional pest service.
  • Dispose of the remaining pesticide and containers properly. The best disposal practices ensure that the environment is kept safe.
  • Apply traps, baits, and pesticides in places that are out of reach to humans. You do not want to risk potential harm to your employees. These traps should only be placed in specific target areas and not just anywhere.

Following these simple steps will ensure that the pests are kept in check. It is always recommended you call professional services to properly handle the pests if you do not want to have a re-occurring problem.

Industrial pest control services


  • Using too many pesticides can be harmful to people and the environment. Not all pest control methods are eco-friendly and it is important that you consult well before handling these chemicals.
  • Do not use the chemicals that are intended for outside use inside the premises. Very few chemicals are intended for indoor use. Outdoor chemicals are more toxic and when used indoors will remain toxic longer.
  • Do not move the pesticides to other containers. Pesticides should always be left in their original containers. The containers should be kept away from the reach of people at all given times.
  • Do not store other items in pesticide containers. Wrong labeling has been known to cause poisoning as people can consume harmful chemicals by accident.

These methods of industrial pest control will only be effective in managing pests. For complete and safe eradication, it is always smart to seek professional services.


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