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How Improper Waste Disposal Affects The Environment?

If you are used to tossing garbage every day into a garbage bin, then this would seem like a normal thing in life. However, if you are not recycling whatever you have tossed into your garbage bin, then there is a high chance that your garbage will be disposed of wrongly.

Studies have shown that out of the million tonnes of waste that is generated throughout the year in the UK, a large percentage is disposed of correctly. It doesn’t matter in what way the garbage is disposed of if the garbage has not been correctly disposed, be sure that it is negatively affecting the environment.

1. Eyesore

If garbage is littered all over the land, it causes eyesore, which in turn devalues the land where the garbage is. This subsequently affects tourism and people who live around the area with an unsightly surrounding. The littered waste will also affect businesses around the littered territory.

2. Contaminated soil

Things like plastics, metals or papers when disposed of wrongly can come into contact with the soil and contaminate it wrongly. The western courier has indicated that if the water bottles continue to be disposed of illegally into the environment, they could cause some harmful carcinogen known as DEHA. This carcinogen is known to cause weight loss problems, reproductive problems and liver problems. Newspapers also contain ink that can be harmful to the surrounding soil.

3. Contaminated air

When disposing of garbage that contains bleach or other harmful chemicals, it is recommended that the waste should be disposed of in approved containers and labeled correctly. The bleach and chemicals if they are being burnt, they should be burnt in enclosed containers to avoid any chemicals from being emitted into the air.

Also, paper, plastics and other types of garbage when they are being burnt, they often contaminate the air by producing unhealthy gases into the air. If this continues to happen, the harmful chemicals that are being released into the air, they end up going into the ozone layer. If the chemicals contain some toxic chemical like dioxin, then they can cause health problems if they are released into the air that people breathe. If further harmful gases are released into the ozone layer and it is destroyed, then people will have to suffer global warming.

4. Marine life is affected.

Human beings are not the only ones who are affected by the improper disposal of garbage, animals, and marine life are also affected. If by any chance garbage is disposed of in water where there is marine life, you can be sure that the animals living in the water will be significantly affected.

If untreated sewage will come into contact with water, then there is a high chance of marine life being greatly affected. For instance, when we throw garbage in the sea and the river, some chemicals will also be released into the water, which will sometimes cause suffocation in animals that live in water.

Rainfall can also quickly sweep toxins from the soil and sweep into nearby water bodies. This means that any nearby water pond or even water pipes are easily susceptible to contamination, which makes it very dangerous to both humans and animals.

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Bottom line

Properly managing garbage is everyone’s responsibility, and we should all take care of our environment. When disposing of waste, one should think of how they can recycle it to avoid filling the environment with non-decomposing garbage that causes a lot of damage to our environment

If you find that you cannot manage the garbage in your house, it is advisable to consult a waste management companies, and they will help with things to do with garbage management. Explore more about the environment-friendly waste disposal at https://www.quickwasters.co.uk/

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