4 Ways to Boost Your Sales With Custom Stickers and Labels

Ways to Boost Your Sales With Custom Stickers and Labels

Who does not want to increase their sales? You may find hundreds of tips on the internet. But most of them are not actionable or might end up exceeding your budget, especially if you are just getting started.

We are here to give you straightforward, affordable, yet effective tips on how to boost your sales by using custom stickers and labels.

It might sound odd but trust us. We will share everything you need to know so when you reach out to your sticker printing company of choice, you can order your stickers like a pro.

1. Start by designing a sticker or label that represents your brand and its values

The world of product packaging is superficial: we literally judge a book by the cover. There is even a study that shows that 72% of consumers base their purchase decisions on whether they like the packaging’s design.

This is your chance to convince consumers of your product and increase your sales: Choose a premium label that showcases the high quality of your brand.

Include your product labels in your overall branding strategy and create a design that matches your aesthetic. On top of that, you can even choose the perfect material that mirrors your brand values.

2. Include them in promotions

Use your stickers and labels to highlight special promotions. A simple silver sticker can transform your product and brand it as part of a limited edition campaign.

Ways to Boost Your Sales With Custom Stickers and Labels - Include them in promotions

A limited-edition campaign is one of the best ways to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity around your product. Following the scarcity principle, whenever a product is perceived as rare, the demand for it increases – and ends up boosting your sales.

3. Place them in high-traffic areas

With stickers, you can add to your multichannel marketing. We are not talking about Instagram and Facebook here, but online vs offline marketing. The offline space tends to be neglected. However, it is super easy to create an offline presence without spending too much money with stickers.

Offline messages create a real-life brand interaction that is more likely to be remembered. The best way to harvest that is by applying your die-cut stickers to high-traffic areas. Here are some great examples:

  • Go old-school on stick them to billboards and lamp posts
  • Brand your shopfront windows
  • Use them as a bike or car stickers
  • Hand out of many stickers as you can

4. Offer them as freebies to customers

This last tip is a total power move. You might be wary of handing out free stickers to increase your revenue, but bear with us, it will make sense.

The huge twist here is that stickers are seen as gifts, not as marketing materials. This means consumers are more likely to perceive them positively and actually use them.

Offer them as freebies to customers

They can even lead to repeat purchases, as we tend to feel “indebted” to those who gave us a gift and want to return the favour somehow.

Are you convinced of the power of personalised stickers and labels yet? We hope so, and if not, let us know your questions in the comment section below.

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