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In the midst of a third lockdown, what we eat has become one of the last remaining pleasures we have power over.

Takeaways, replacing restaurants, have allowed us to keep that feeling of joy that we look forward to all week. In some cases, it’s even better! We can indulge in cuisines from all around the world from the comfort of our own sofa.

Yet, ordering food can also be a trial and error process. Have you ever had a bad experience when ordering from a restaurant? During this economic crisis, we hesitate to buy anything. So, when we do decide to treat ourselves, we want the food to live up to our expectations. It’s heartbreaking when the highlight of your day leaves you disappointed.

To help you make the best decision when it comes to your next food order, we will reveal the most trusted and loved takeaway restaurants based on first-hand experiences from across the UK.

Which Takeaway is the UK’s Favourite?

Using both publicly available and internal reviews data on the UK’s top ten most popular takeaway brands, we are excited to reveal which takeaway is the UK’s favorite!

The most trusted and loved takeaway chains in the UK are:

  1. Five Guys – 4.34/5
  2. Wagamama – 4.32/5
  3. Nando’s – 4.29/5
  4. Greggs – 4.25/5
  5. Pizza Hut – 3.92/5
  6. McDonalds – 3.79/5
  7. KFC – 3.56/5
  8. Burger King – 3.55/5
  9. Papa Johns – 3.51/5
  10. Domino’s – 3.46/5

Five Guys

A shown in the list, the American fast-food restaurant, Five Guys, is the highest-rated takeaway brand, scoring an average of 4.34 stars out of 5. This fast-food chain is known for its burgers and fries. But what makes it so good?

Firstly, the large portions and the fresh ingredients will leave you full and satisfied, getting great value for the size of the meals you order. Secondly, burgers from Five Guys are fully customizable, offering 15 different toppings and an endless combination of add-ons. So, whatever you’re in the mood for, Five Guys will have something to fulfill your cravings. Finally, every burger is cooked to order, making this company more of a casual fast-food chain than a real fast food restaurant. Ultimately, if you’re a meat lover, Five Guys is the place to go.

Wagamama and Nando’s

The findings show Five Guys is closely followed by the firm favorites, Wagamama and Nando’s. There’s no surprise there, we all love these two restaurant chains. Also, their selection is healthier than the usual fast-food order, so there’s no need to feel guilty when eating from Wagamama or Nando’s.

Papa Johns or Domino’s: That’s the Real Question 

Despite dominating our cities with branches across the country, multinational pizza restaurant, Domino’s came in the last place on the top ten list scoring a very average 3.46 out of 5, being beaten by rival Papa Johns with a score of 3.51! This may cause some debate… are you more of a Domino’s person or a Papa Johns?


Other Takeaways

Delving into Google search data, we were not surprised to discover that the number of searches for ‘takeaways near me’ doubled since last March, with searches peaking after Christmas and at the beginning of the New Year as we all headed into lockdown once again. This year we all need to focus on ourselves, so do whatever makes you happy, including what you eat.

Also, ‘Pubs near me doing takeaway’ and ‘Chinese takeaway open during lockdown’ were among some of the most frequently searched takeaway terms in our country. Both searches saw a 5000% increase in the last 12 months. This shows that we are still opting to support local businesses which is great news.

Britain and Takeaways

After discovering just how takeaway obsessed Britain has been in the last year, we lastly wanted to find how we compare to the rest of the world. Looking at trends data, we found that the UK topped the list of countries searching for ‘McDonald’s Takeaway’, ‘Burger King takeaway’ and ‘Domino’s takeaway’ the most.

We also ranked number one on the list of countries searching for food ordering and delivery services as we’ve searched for ‘Uber Eats’ more than any other country in the last 12 months alone.

Honestly, there’s no surprise there. At the end of the day, we are in a third lockdown and the cold and rainy weather is keeping us inside more than we have been in the past year. We all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while and feed our souls.

Spend Wisely

Next time you part with your hard-earned money, research what are the best restaurants to order form so you can prevent yourself from feeling disappointed if your order is not what you expected.

One of the best ways to find out the real deal about a restaurant is by reading customer reviews online. At Psydro, we have a designated ‘Food & Drink’ category to help you make the most accurate informed purchasing decisions when it comes to what you eat.

We are a community that supports each other by presenting honest and transparent reviews so, with us, you can be sure to spend your money wisely. trusted UK takeaway chains

Have you had a satisfying or even awful experience with a specific takeaway order? Write a review on Psydro and help other people make the best possible decision when it comes to ordering food.

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