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4 Digital Signage Content Ideas for Restaurants

Somehow your favorite meal always tastes better out at a restaurant than at home – whether it’s the leisure of not having to cook or the joy that a little self-treat brings – there’s nothing like ending a Friday night with a trip to your favorite restaurant.

And in the highly digitized times of today, it’s not just great food that pulls in a customer – it’s also aesthetic attraction, customer service, and the overall ease of their dining experience. To keep things fun and exciting – and to keep the customers rolling – restaurants need to innovate and adapt, giving diners a dining experience like never before.

And if you’re scratching your head thinking about how to bring that innovation into your restaurant, then digital signage is a great place to start! With seamless experience, interactivity, and familiarity for today’s digital generation, your customers will soon flock to your restaurant for more than just the food!

4 Digital Signage Content Ideas for Restaurants

1. Show Off your Dishes

Show Off your Dishes

When it comes to food, the first sense that needs to be pleased is our sight. Chances are that before we’ve even thought about taking a bite, our minds have already created an idea of whether or not we’re going to like the meal – and providing stunning visuals of your food on digital window displays is just what they need.

Use window display digital signage to show off your restaurant’s most popular dishes, even adding in a little behind-the-scenes preparation paired with customer reviews to really get the taste buds tingling. Once customers see the break of a decadent chocolate shell or the fine layers of a pastry concoction, there’ll be little they can do to stop themselves from coming into your restaurant and having the meal of their lives. And your per-table earnings will be higher than ever before!

2. Display the Menu

Display the Menu

Covid came and threw out the era of handheld menus – not only do they hold the risk of spreading infection, but printed menus are inefficient in that they don’t portray changing menu items and updated prices.

Instead, embrace digital menus for your restaurant! Depending on the layout and service type of your restaurant, you can either display digital signage menu boards for your customers to check out in the POS area, or you can keep handheld tablets where customers can view your menu – and of course, a QR code leading to your menu is a must for those customers that just prefer using their own device!

Not only will the digital element streamline operations for the restaurant staff and the customers, but diners will also be able to see visuals of their food, making them better aligned with what they’re ordering and drive down complaints. There’ll be happy ordering all around!

3. Have a Daily Updates Board

Are you constantly brimming with innovation and creativity and would love to bring these elements to your restaurant? While a traditional restaurant setup might restrict you with its printed menus and prefixed items, adopting the digital signage route can give you the creative freedom that you’re looking for!

Set up a digital daily updates board in your restaurant, displaying dishes of the day and special items to match the season and its festivities! You can bring your customers everything from spooky Halloween cookies to Christmas eggnog to 4th of July BBQ offerings. And since it’s all digital, you can add in sounds and animations to really fascinate your customers!

4. Use an Online Design Tool

Use an Online Design Tool

Of course, the key to nailing digital signage in your restaurant is all in the visuals. If you’ve got captivating designs, only then will customers be drawn into your restaurant, helping you increase your revenue and grow your business!

And while design can be a daunting prospect for those of us who don’t have a creative bone in our bodies, online design tools such as PosterMyWall let you easily create and customize digital signage templates for your restaurant. With its easy-to-use user interface and its unlimited design resources, the PosterMyWall design platform acts as an all-in-one source for your digital signage needs.

And since it’s super easy to use, you don’t need to spend extra resources hiring graphic designers. Instead, test out your own creativity and revel in the joy of bringing your restaurant to life – all for free!

So, if you’re looking to expand your restaurant and get in the big books, then digital signage is a must – and with design tools such as PosterMyWall, the process just becomes that much easier!

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